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Virtual symposium on novel insulins

May 19, 2023

The Novel Insulins part of the Type 1 Diabetes Grand Challenge made a major step forward this week. Leading experts and researchers from around the world came together to share their progress, challenges and hopes for developing new forms of insulin.

Driven by a shared goal to improve the quality of life for everyone with type 1, the participants engaged in a thought-provoking virtual symposium, exploring the latest breakthroughs and challenges in insulin therapy.

The symposium was met with enthusiasm from the research community and provided a platform for valuable discussions and collaborations.

Rachel Connor, Director of Research Partnerships at JDRF said:

“The Novel Insulins Symposium served as a powerful opportunity for knowledge sharing within the research community – we were delighted to be able to bring together scientists from many different fields, from academia and from industry and from within the diabetes research world and without. Witnessing our expert speakers come together with the Scientific Advisory Panel for the Novel Insulins Challenge to explore the latest advances and opportunities in insulin therapy was truly inspiring.

“This symposium reinforces our collective dedication to making life better for everyone with type 1. It has already sparked valuable discussions which will pave the way for innovative new solutions and improved treatment options, and we look forward to developing these ideas further through the Type 1 Diabetes Grand Challenge’

Ambitious ideas for new insulins

Glucose responsive insulins, oral insulins and even a pill that could inject insulin directly into the stomach wall were discussed, along with helpful discussions about how to ensure great scientific concepts could move swiftly through the development pipeline .

The potential for new insulins to make life easier for everyone living with type 1 was also a key focus of the symposium, reinforcing the purpose of all the scientific excitement was to deliver change of real value to people living with the condition.

One of the highlights of the symposium was the emphasis on using novel insulins in combination with existing technologies to create truly tailored approaches to type 1 diabetes which could not only deliver better glycaemic management, but crucially enhance quality of life while reducing the long and short term complications of living with type 1 diabetes.

Novel insulins research

The Type 1 Diabetes Grand Challenge’s virtual symposium on novel insulins has set the stage for continued innovation and progress in type 1 research. The Scientific Advisory Panel will be launching an opportunity for research groups to pitch for funding later this year.

Recording of the symposium

Watch the full recording of the Novel Insulins Symposium on the JDRF UK YouTube channel.

______Content of this video______

00:00:00 Introduction to the Novel Insulins Symposium – Professor Simon Heller
00:06:04 Discovery and design of novel insulins – Dr Peter Kurtzhals
00:38:41 Glucose-responsive smart insulin and delivery patch – Professor Zhen Gu
01:09:05 Molecular Engineering of Insulin: Progresses and Challenges – Professor Daniel Chou
01:35:33 Molecular engineering of glucose-responsive insulin – Professor Matthew Webber
02:07:00 Towards oral insulin and an artificial pancreas – Professor Robert Langer
02:26:03 Ultra-stable insulin analogs and their clinical applications – Professor Michael Weiss
02:55:22 Glucose-sensing insulins – Dr Alborz Mahdavi
03:31:42 Diabetes therapeutics from computational design – Professor Michael Strano
03:59:00 Discussion Panel – All speakers
04:36:42 Concluding remarks and next steps – Ms Rachel Connor